Owners Pricing
We offer both working and full livery at Burley Lodge. Both are an ideal way of owning your own horse without the responsibility of daily care. Burley Lodge will take care of your horse or pony leaving you to enjoy the “less demanding” side of owning a horse. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, We will look after your horse 365 days a year.

You can either purchase your chosen horse or pony from Burley Lodge (if available) or Bridget can help you to find the perfect horse from well-known and trusted contacts.
Working Livery

If your horse is on working livery with us, we will work together to agree a schedule of riding for yourselves and our clients so both parties have utilisation of the horse.  

What's included in Working Livery
  • Bedding/Hay/Haylage
  • Feeding/worming/shoeing/minor ailments
  • Day to day care & grooming
  • Vets visits and dentists organised
  • Tack cleaning
 Full Livery
If you horse is on a full livery with us they are purely ridden by
yourselves and schooled by the Burley staff as agreed between
both parties

What's included in Full Livery
  •  Bedding/Hay/shavings/Haylage
  • Feeding and treating of minor ailments
  • Day to day care
  • Vets visits and dentists organised
  •  Full groom daily (except Mondays)
  •  Cleaning of one set of tack weekly
  • Trailer parking is charged at £10 per week

Benefits Of Both Options

  • ½ price group lessons, plus discounted private lessons
  • Free hacking on organised hacks, or join other owners
  • Exercise your horse, however this has to be pre-booked and agreed in advance. (Children have to be supervised by an adult when exercising, once a competent level of riding has been achieved)
  • 25% off Special Events inc hacking at other venues
  • ​Opportunity to groom and care for your horse/pony as much as you like

Initial Livery Costs  

  • ​​Livery could be dearer for first month to allow your horse/pony to settle in and become fit 
  • £35.00 per hour for pre-purchase assessment
  • Vetting of horse/pony, approximately £250.00
  • Transportation of horse/pony to the yard 
  • Purchasing of new tack and associated items to include; rugs, saddle cloths, boots etc, or maintenance or all items purchased with the horse or pony, to ensure it is to a safe and acceptable standard

Annual Additional Costs  

  • ​​Teeth - £80.00 ​​ per year
  • Tetanus/Flu vaccinations – Approx. £50.00 per year
  • Rug cleaning/repairs 
  • Saddle/Bridle maintenance and repairs
  •  Supplements etc.
  • Insurance for your horse or pony and rider
  • Worming and shoeing (for Full Livery)

  Exercise and Schooling

​We will agree a schedule of schooling for your horse dependent on your requirements and our professional opinion. This will be an additional charge of £15 per session and £5 for the utilisation of the horse walker
  1. Livery Type
    Monthly Cost
    Annual Cost
  2. Working Livery
    Under 12 hands
  3. Working Livery
    Under 14.2 hands
  4. Working Livery
    Over 14.2 hands
  5. Full Livery
    Under 14.2 hands
  6. Full Livery
    Over 14.2 hands